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100% Money Back Guarantee
On FUI Hair Transplants



Creation of a multi step treatment plan over 2 years.


Preparing the patient via delicate scalp cleanse and foot message to calm nerves.

ALMI Nanofat Treatments

ALMI Nanofat Transfer is a natural, procedure that uses a patient’s own growth cells and stromal cells to regrow lost hair.


Hair Transplant

The patient had 2 separate procedures over 26 months

Growth Injections

Plasma and Fibrin (growth injection) treatments during and after hair transplant

Frequent follow-ups

The patient had frequent follow-ups with Plasma Hair Growth Injections.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Hair Transplant Procedures

Meet Our Doctors

Our Team of Drs are second to none. Having completed over 20,000 procedures between them.

Dr Nuttorn and Bodyline

Dr Nuttorn (ABHRS)

Board Certified & Diplomate of American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons and London Hair Restoartion Academy

Dr Patty and Bodyline

Dr Patty (ABHRS)

Board Certified American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons

Dr Paisit

Dr Paisit

Doctor of Medicine Mahidol University

Common Questions

Depending on the thickness of your hair in the donor area (back of your head) when performing a U-FUI the Dr will only harvest every 2nd or 3rd hair.  This leaves your donor area with enough coverage to hide the harvested hair. Within 7-14 days your hair will have thickened up enough at the back to be pretty much back to normal.

Yes. Due to the meticulous effort required to only harvest every second or third hair rather than traditional strip harvesting, a U-FUI hair transplant normally takes about 2 to 3 hours longer a FUE Hair Transplant.

Yes, of course. Bodyline specialises in Long Hair transplants because it has the lowest downtime and fastest recovery of any procedure. However for those that have already cut their hair short a traditional short hair / shaved FUE / DHI (FUI) is available and is a little cheaper than a Long Hair transplant.

Bodyline recommends minimum 4 days in Bangkok. This will provide you with enough time for 2 follow up consults with the Dr and team to have your scalp cleansed, and routine examination. Most patients stay on average 5 days.  Scalp washing is provided for up to 14 days post surgery.

You should see new growth on your implanted areas quickly. However the big shocker to most people is the fact most of this new visible growth will fall out. Despite how disturbing and deflating this may be, it is completely normal. Only your visible hair is falling out. The roots do not and within a short time later you will start to notice genuine, live, new hair growing which should last for the remainder of your hair’s natural life. 

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