FUI Hair Transplant Explained

FUI Hair Transplant Explained

An FUI transplant is a groundbreaking procedure that offers a permanent solution for you to restore your hair without sacrificing its length. Using a state-of-the-art custom built tool, your hair follicles are delicately extracted, ensuring the growth of healthy cells while preserving the full length of your hair. This revolutionary technique not only delivers ultra fast results but also effectively conceals the donor area, leaving you with a natural, seamless outcome. If you’re experiencing thinning hair and longing for a swift recovery, this procedure is the perfect solution for you.


Introducing a cutting-edge advancement in Hair Restoration techniques: FUI – Follicular Unit Implementation. This remarkable innovation combines the popular No Scar extraction technique of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) with the unparalleled precision follicle placement of DHI (Direct Hair Implantation). Say goodbye to scars and hello to flawless results with FUI, the ultimate solution for restoring your hair to its former glory.

Benefits of a FUI Hair Transplant

Long Hair or Unshaven FUI (abbreviated as U-FUI) has several benefits over traditional shaven FUI:

  • Swift Return to Normal Activities: With unshaven FUI, you can return to your normal activities quickly as most people won’t notice you’ve had surgery.
  • Maintain Your Original Hairstyle: Your original hairstyle can be maintained as your existing hair is kept at its regular length.
  • No Shaving Required: Non-shave FUI is a ‘long hair’ procedure that does not call for shaving any part of the head prior to the treatment. This is unlike a conventional FUI hair transplant that requires the hair to be partly or entirely shaved.
  • Ideal for a Busy Lifestyle: With virtually no downtime, it is ideal for a typical busy lifestyle.
  • Precise Harvesting Control: The long hair technique allows the surgeon precise control of how much to harvest from the donor area, avoiding over-harvesting.

These benefits make Long Hair or Unshaven FUI an attractive option for many individuals considering a hair transplant.

Read on to learn about the traditional FUT Hair Transplants.

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