DHI Hair Transplant Explained

DHI Hair Transplant Explained

DHI, or Direct Hair Implantation, is a hair transplant technique that uses an implanter pen to place hair grafts into the recipient area. The implanter pen was invented to replace the use of forceps, which is the traditional method of placing hair grafts.

The implanter pen is a pen-like device with a hollow needle at the tip. The needle is used to create a small incision in the recipient area, and then the hair graft is inserted into the incision. This process is repeated for each hair graft.

The use of the implanter pen has several advantages over the traditional forceps method. First, the implanter pen does not touch the hair root directly, which helps to reduce the risk of damage to the hair cells. Second, the implanter pen allows for more precise placement of the hair grafts, which can lead to a more natural-looking result. Third, the implanter pen is faster than the forceps method, which can reduce the overall time of the procedure.

DHI Hair Transplant

What Is The Difference Between FUE and DHI? Which Is Better?

DHI and FUE techniques are not comparable as they two different parts of the Hair Transplant Process. FUT and FUE are comparable as they are methods for harvesting Grafts. DHI is not a method for harvesting grafts but rather a method for implanting them into the scalp, thus the name Direct Hair Implementation (DHI).

Bodyline’s Surgeon uses FUE technique to harvest the grafts (thus leaving minimal or even no scarring) and then uses the WAW Duo FUE implanter to precisely implant the grafts into the scalp.

To summarise for simplicity FUE Hair Transplant is a technique where we harvest your hair follicles “out” from your donor area one by one and the DHI technique is a technique where we use an implanter pen to place the hair follicles back “into” your scalp. These two techniques take place in different steps.

Read on to learn about Bodyline’s surgeons technique which combines the benefits of both FUE and DHI into the economical FUI – Follicular Unit Implant.

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