FUI Hair Transplant,
The Next Gen of FUE

FUI Hair Transplant marries the no scarring extraction technique of an FUE Hair Transplant with the DHI (Choi) Implanter Tool.

Unveiling the Evolution: FUI - The Next Generation of Hair Transplant Techniques

Hair loss is a universal concern that affects both men and women, often causing a significant blow to self-confidence and emotional well-being. In the quest for effective solutions, hair transplant techniques have witnessed remarkable advancements. Among these, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) has long been hailed as a breakthrough, but now, a new contender has emerged – Follicular Unit Implantation (FUI), touted as the next generation of hair transplant technique.

Understanding FUE: The Foundation of FUI Hair Transplants

The FUE technique, developed in the late 1990s, revolutionized hair restoration by replacing the invasive strip harvesting method. In FUE, individual follicular units, containing 1-4 hair follicles naturally grouped together, are meticulously extracted from the donor area, typically the back and sides of the scalp. These extracted grafts are then implanted into the recipient area, the balding or thinning region, to achieve a natural-looking, permanent head of hair.

However, despite its success, the traditional FUE technique has limitations. One key concern is the time spent outside the scalp, referred to as “out-of-body” time, where extracted grafts are prepared and stored before implantation. This crucial period can impact graft survival and potentially affect the final outcome.

Time Out of Body: The Key Factor for the Survival of Transplanted Hair

In a landmark study on Follicular Unit survival rates, the Limmer study (1992) recorded the following survival rates at different times out of the body. Using at least 200 Follicular Unit grafts for each time frame, the survival was: 2 hours, 95%; 4 hours, 90%; 6 hours, 86%; 24 hours, 79%; 48 hours, 54%.

Two hours
Four hours
Six hours
Twenty-four hours
Forty-eight hours

The key to maximising hair graft survival is reducing time out of body to a minimum.

Enter: FUI Hair Transplants

FUE Hair Transplant technique significantly reduced scarring and downtime compared to the previous strip harvesting methods. However, the transplantation process still required meticulous precision and careful placement of the extracted follicles.

Enter FUI, the innovative offspring of FUE and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI). A FUI Hair Transplant marries the extraction precision of an FUE hair transplant with the Choi (DHI) Implanter Tool, creating a seamless and efficient process that promises enhanced results for individuals seeking to restore their hair.

The Marriage of FUE Extraction and DHI Implantation

As mentioned FUI takes the best of both worlds – the precision of FUE extraction and the direct implantation method (Choi implanter tool) of DHI. In traditional FUE, after extraction, the grafts are stored and later implanted into the recipient area. This process requires meticulous handling and increases the risk of graft damage or desiccation.

In contrast, FUI streamlines the transplantation process by almost immediately implanting the extracted follicular units into the recipient site. This direct implantation ensures minimal handling of the grafts, thereby maximizing their survival rate and promoting better growth. Additionally, FUI (due to the efficiency of the Choi implanter tool from DHI) eliminates the need for creating recipient sites beforehand, further reducing graft time out of body and enhancing efficiency.

How Bodyline Hair Transplants Can Help

At Bodyline Hair, we understand the profound impact of hair loss on individuals’ lives. Our expert team specializes in FUI hair transplants, the next generation of the FUE hair transplant techniques, offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Whether you’re a man or a woman struggling with hair loss, our goal is to restore your confidence and help you achieve natural-looking results.


In the dynamic landscape of hair restoration, FUI emerges as the next evolutionary step, combining the precision of FUE extraction with the efficiency of DHI implantation. This innovative technique offers improved graft survival rates, reduced procedure time, and enhanced results for individuals seeking to address their hair loss concerns. Are you ready to embrace the future of hair transplantation and embark on your journey towards a fuller, thicker head of hair?

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