Rigenera Activa Micrografts

Rigenera Activa is a relatively new hair loss treatment that uses a patient’s own growth cells to promote hair growth.

Bodyline offers the Rigenera Activa (also knows as Regenera Activa) therapy as an effective treatment for early-stage balding, specifically targeting androgenic alopecia, which affects men and women. The balding process typically begins with the two front-side “triangles” and follows a distinct pattern, resulting in a receding hairline and the formation of an “M” shape. This therapy can be used as a standalone treatment or as a complementary therapy alongside hair transplantation.

The Rigenera method works by isolating and concentrating the living capillaries and cell matrix extracted from hair follicles. Additionally, it utilizes the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) from solid tissues to naturally and safely regenerate weakened hairs. With the Riginera Activa procedure, we have successfully treated more than a 1000 patients worldwide.

Rigenera Activa Micrografts serve as a valuable complement to a FUI Hair Transplant, however, it is important to note that it should not be considered a substitute in situations where there is clear hair loss.

Rigenera Activa

Is Rigenera Activa The Right Choice For Me?

Anyone who has ‘thin hair,’ but not to the point of recedingly bald can benefit from Rignera Activa Micrografts. This is because these patients should still have the presence of pores which can be activated by the cells in the hair roots, leading to the emergence of new hair from these pores. Some of the benefits include:

  • Non surgical – a solution for thinning or fine hair problems without hair root transplantation.
  • Long Lasting – Typically, the lifespan of our hair shafts can be categorized into three stages – Anagen: the phase of elongation and growth > Catagen: the phase of cessation of growth > Telogen: the phase of rest, which eventually leads to shedding. Consequently, the Rigenera Micrograft Hair procedure ensures that the age of the hair shaft endures throughout its entire lifespan.
  • Near Instant Recovery – There is no requirement for any wound closure or recuperation. You can proceed with your regular daily activities without any hindrance.
  • Short Timeframe – The entire procedure can be completed within a short span of just two hours.

The Rigenera Activa Micrografting procedure

  1. The doctor will examine the hair and choose the most robust cells in the occipital region located at the back of the ears.

  2. The collected samples undergo mechanical preparation after filtration to separate the progenitor cells, undifferentiated cells, and the growth factor-cytokine cocktail. Each of these components possesses regenerative capabilities.

  3. Extract the cells using the Rigenera technique

  4. The extracted cells will be injected by the doctor into the chosen region of the head. This injection of hair root cells will not only stimulate other hair root cells but also repair weakened cells, leading to the production of a greater number of hair shafts and ultimately resulting in thicker hair. The noticeable outcome can be observed within a timeframe of 45-90 days.